Video Limitation #9: Video Takes Up Much More Bandwith

You can store hundreds of text articles in the same space as a single medium length video clip. While online space has become much more affordable, there is still usually a limit on how much content you can store on your server, particularly if you are using a shared hosting plan.

The usual remedy to this problem is to use content sharing sites like Y0uTube and Viemo to host your video content. This saves storage space and bandwidth charges, but your content is no longer hosted on your own server. This is not always a downside, particularly if more viewers see your content on the sharing sites.

On the other hand, after working hard to create a good informative video about you business, people are not watching the video on your own site.

If the word is getting out about your business, well and good. Still, if viewers are watching your video on another website, you have less opportunity to get them to sign up for your mailing list, subscribe to your RSS feed, learn about your other products or buy from your shopping cart.

If you concentrate on video hosted by other sites, you may be leaving money on the table.

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