Video Limitation #8: Many People Do Not Know How to Create Great Video

Software makers and camera manufacturers have done a wonderful job of making video production available to the masses. Still, making a great video requires more than hardware and software. It takes a certain amount of skill and experience to put together a compelling video.

That video of your brother falling off his skateboard and tumbling down a hill may go viral and gain tons of followers. But unless you can tie your product or service to someone falling off a skateboard, it probably won’t increase your sales very much.

To create an informative video about your business requires more than turning the camera on and letting it run. To create a video that people want to watch and share — that doesn’t involve crashes and cute kittens — requires skill and effort.

Are you a good speaker? Can you expound on your topic for several minutes without becoming tongue-tied? Can you create a clip that keeps the viewers awake?

Consider that most feature films cost millions of dollars and the directors, cast and production technicians are usually trained professionals. Even with a great talent pool, however,  many Hollywood productions fail to gain critical audience appeal.

Unless you have attended film school or grown up shooting films as a hobby, you will need to invest time and effort to learn how to make a great video.

You don’t get beyond high school and college, however, without learning the basics of writing a short paper or essay. You may not enjoy writing and it may take you longer than you would like. Most of us, however, can put together a readable article or blog post without much effort.

A video, even a short clip, will entail much more effort for the untrained film maker. If that effort is to pay off, you need to know how to engage your audience.

These techniques can be learned, but until you gain sufficient hands-on experience and knowledge, your video may not capture much attention.

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