Video Limitation #7: How-To Videos are not as Informative as Text and Graphics

Many video proponents suggest it is a superior method of distributing “how to” information. Why read about a process when you can simply watch a video?

From where I sit, this is nonsense. Take car repair as an example. I can watch a video, and think I understand the repair procedure. When I am under the car, however, I may find I have forgotten a particular step. So I have to crawl from under the car return to my computer and watch the clip over again.

It is a simple matter to print out a page of text and graphics. Now I have the information in a portable version so I have the particulars with me under the car.

You could take a tablet or laptop under the car as well, but then there is a real danger of damage to the equipment. Do you really want to use your touch-screen with greasy fingers?

Maybe it is a simple case of personal preference, but I learn much better from a page of text then a video. I can read the text over and over until I throughly understand what the writer is trying to explain. If there are accompanying images or graphics, I can study them in-depth.

With video, however, I am limited to what the video editor chooses to show. I can watch the video over again, but for me at least, this doesn’t always increase my knowledge. I find my self caught up in little nuances in the video clip, rather than understanding the procedure I am trying to learn.

Video may or may not be able to provide a great how to demonstration for your product or service. If it is accompanied by text, images and charts, however that video clip may be exactly what you need to get your point out to readers.

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