Video Limitation #5: Video Requires More Resources

You can write a blog post or article on any computer, tablet or smart phone. New computers might be faster, but any computer that can connect to the internet is sufficient to create on-line text.

In contrast, video typically requires faster, more modern hardware as well as a variety of software. I’m not suggesting you cannot create a decent video with simple equipment, but generally you’ll find you want more powerful hardware as well as the latest software. In addition, you will ¬†typically want a camcorder, lighting equipment, audio recording gear and more.

As for computer, it can be extremely frustrating to edit video without a powerful CPU, backed up with gobs of RAM and copious amounts of hard drive storage.

I am not trying to dissuade anyone from tackling a video project, I am just pointing out that you are going to want first-class equipment if you want to create video content without becoming frustrated.

Even with good equipment, video creation and editing simply eats up more time. Typically, I can write and post a blog entry in less time than it takes to upload and organize a new series of video and audio clips. That doesn’t include the time it takes to shoot and edit the clips.

You may be faster at video production than I am. I am still willing to bet I could create three or four blog posts in the time it will take you to create a single short video. Extended video content? I could probably write a book in the same time.

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