Video Limitation #1: You Cannot Skim Through Video

Anyone who studies web trends will tell you that most web viewers only skim through content on a new web page. Only after quickly scanning through the copy will they decide if it is worth the time to read the page more carefully.

It is difficult to determine whether a video is worth watching, unless you actually watch at least a few minutes of the clip. This is especially true when you are seeking the solution to a problem. As a web designer/developer, I often run into CSS/HTML appearance problems with web browsers. I usually do a web search to see if someone has a simple solution to the problem.

I find myself groaning when the search engines return a video result.

It only takes a few seconds to scan a page of text to see it contains what I am looking for. A video search result is another matter. Should I invest 4 minutes and 27 seconds to see if the video contains useful information? Usually I hit the back button and continue looking for a remedy on another site. I just do not want to invest the time it will take to watch a video unless I know for certain it has the answer to my problem.

I doubt I am alone in this behavior. Influential people are usually busy people. Busy people will not take the time to watch your clips unless they are exceptionally compelling.

Is this portion of your audience worth ignoring?

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